Tate finished at Iowa?

February 19, 2009

Senior co-captain Cyrus Tate said he hopes to play again for Iowa this year, but his future seemed more on his mind Thursday.

“I want to get out there and play but what can I do about it?” Tate said. “I plan on playing, continue playing basketball after this. This is a bad situation to be in, because I want be able to contribute to our team and help out and be a presence for our team. But right now it’s something that I just can’t rush. You’ve got to let it take its time.”

Tate injured his right ankle Jan. 8 against Minnesota. He sat out the next seven games before playing 13 minutes against Northwestern. He apparently reaggravated the injury in that game and has not played since.

“(The ankle) responded OK but the next day was brutal,” Tate said. “You play teams that play more of a one-on-one type of offense. On defense, it’s easier for me to guard a team like Northwestern where they play zone and you can stand there really and don’t have to do much. You don’t have to move and go off back screens and stuff.”

Iowa Coach Todd Lickliter said following Iowa’s last game against Purdue that trainer John Streif has given Tate the go-ahead to play, if he can tolerate the pain.

“He doesn’t say he’s 100 percent, either,” Lickliter said.

“I just have to believe that (the ankle is) limiting (Tate). There’s no other question about it. I’m not going question why or whatever it’s because he can’t tolerate the pain. I think with basketball it’s continual — cutting and jumping and I think it’s the wear on it. It ends up setting him back.”

It’s unlikely sophomore point guard Jeff Peterson will play against Michigan. He has yet to practice with his pulled right hamstring.

“There’s still a chance, I don’t know how good it is,” Peterson said. “Hamstrings are a little tricky. You feel good one minute and the next it’s pretty sore.”


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