Lickliter talks about upcoming trip

Iowa Coach Todd Lickliter met with about 150 fans in Boone at the Boone-Story County I-Club meeting Wednesday. Along with recruiting and other topics, Lickliter also talked about the team’s upcoming trip to Italy and Greece in late May. Here’s the video:

Iowa will take seven players on the trip, including walk-on freshman John Lickliter. They include upcoming senior Devan Bawinkel, upcoming junior Jarryd Cole, upcoming sophomores Aaron Fuller, Matt Gatens, Andrew Brommer and Anthony Tucker.


3 Responses to Lickliter talks about upcoming trip

  1. storminspank says:

    Thanks, Scott. Great stuff!

  2. Joneser says:

    I live overseas and am pretty far removed from Iowa basketball these days, but can’t help but wonder if Lickliter’s personality has something to do with his troubles on the recruiting trail. He doesn’t seem like he would be a very inspiring coach to play for and seemed pretty *meh* about the upcoming trip to Italy and Greece.

  3. royal says:

    And you got all this outlook about Licklitler from where? Oh you heard some other clown say it, so it became true in your head and then spewed from your mouth just like it was a thought from your lackluster brain.

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