Iowa expects APR leap later this month

Fred Mims, Iowa associate athletics director

Fred Mims, Iowa associate athletics director

IOWA CITY — Iowa’s men’s basketball program anticipates a leap in its Academic Progress Rate when the NCAA releases those figures later this month. But that number likely will drop next year.

According to projected figures, Iowa’s men’s basketball APR should jump to 964 from 944. Those figures, which were released Thursday during the school’s Presidential Committee on Athletics meeting, are a five-year high for the basketball program. The NCAA calculates each school’s APR by tracking eligibility, retention and graduation rates for scholarship student-athletes. Each athlete can earn up to two points each semester, one by staying eligible and another by staying with the institution.

Each school is required to score 925 or become subject to penalties, including lost scholarships.

Four Iowa players are leaving the program at the end of this semester, which will impact the program negatively. But all appear to be in good academic standing, according to Fred Mims, Iowa’s associate athletics director for compliance and student services.

“It will be a little hit but not anything significant, unless we have a bunch of them becoming ineligible,” Mims said. “We don’t see that because everybody is doing pretty well.”

Freshman guard Anthony Tucker, who was ruled ineligible for the spring semester, could help the program’s APR if he regains eligibility.  

“The only thing he lost was an eligibility point for spring,” Mims said.

During the initial report in 2005, Iowa’s men’s basketball scored 926, barely better than the bottom requirement. It has increased steadily over the last five years.

“The APR is a four-year rolling average, so one year you can be down,” Mims said. “As long as you keep the average up, you should be fine.”

Every other Iowa sport expects to stay well above the NCAA threshold of 925. Football anticipates a drop from 950 to 946. Men’s cross-country and women’s golf anticipate perfect scores of 1,000.


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