Recruiting’s dead zone cripples Iowa basketball


Iowa’s basketball coaches have burned up the miles and the phones trying to snag a few more recruits to replace the four players that left the program last week.

Cully Payne, a 6-foot-1 point guard from Schaumburg, Ill., toured the campus Wednesday and seemed to like Iowa City from all accounts. Likewise, Iowa has been after freshman guard Malcolm Armstead (6-foot) and sophomore forward Torye Pelham (6-6) from Chipola (Fla.) Junior College all season.

So what’s stopping Iowa now? The NCAA. At 12:01 p.m. today, Iowa cannot contact any recruits. It’s a dead period through noon on April 9. So Iowa coaches can’t visit Payne or his parents, or host Armstead or Pelham for a visit until 12:01 p.m. April 9. From that moment through April 12, Iowa coaches can criss-cross the country. Then it’s a dead period from April 13 through April 16. That includes national signing day on April 15.

Iowa likely will sign three players, possibly as soon as April 15. The spring signing date lasts until May 20.


7 Responses to Recruiting’s dead zone cripples Iowa basketball

  1. MF says:

    What is the intent of this dead period?

  2. scottdo says:

    Final Four weekend.

  3. Tory says:

    If you had to pick a percentage chance, what number would you give as Iowa’s chances of landing Armstead?

    Who is their biggest competition for his services?

  4. storminspank says:

    I really question how “dead” the dead period is. Recruits can still contact coaches, they just can’t come to campus or make personal visits (to or from). If the recruit wants to call, he can. Sure, the coaches are limited to their prison rules of 1 phone call per week, but you never really know. I think the rules the wording is “correspondence” is allowed, which leads me to think that any recruit can contact anyone they want.

    But as far as visits, Iowa is stuck. If this happened a few days ago (the Payne visit) you think Lick would have been down to meet the family next day and would have returned with a commit.

    The good news is, although Iowa can’t bring anyone in or visit them, neither can anyone else. This helps with Payne, but it could hurt with Pelham and Armstead. I have a feeling those two are looking at bigger homes.

  5. scottdo says:

    There always are shades of gray in recruiting. I’m sure if Bruce Pearl wanted to get a hold of Cully Payne in a “legal” sense, he can.
    Iowa needs to have people in place on April 9 to make it happen. If Iowa can land all three, chances are few people are going to care about last week’s purge.
    I’d say Iowa has a 75 percent chance with Payne and 50-50 with the others. It’s up to Lickliter and staff to make it happen.

  6. storminspank says:

    My very novice opinion is Iowa has a 95% chance with Payne. The previous connection with the staff prior to the commit to Bama is huge, and as soon as he got out of his LOI, Iowa was right there and Cully was in Iowa City. It happened fast because its pretty mutual. I would be extremely surprised if Payne was at Iowa next year.

  7. herman feckenfelder says:

    most people think Iowa is a lock to recruit any player they approach simply due to the known quantity that is a fixed given variable: Lickleiter’s superior ability to recruit anyone anywhere anytime hands down
    even old Michigan State experts cower when the Lickster is in town

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