Lickliter to address rumors today; we’ll live blog it

Iowa Coach Todd Lickliter will meet with the media to address the transfers of Jake Kelly and Jermain Davis as well as to clear up the potential losses of other players.

My colleague Marc Morehouse will live blog the press conference at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta also will attend the news conference. With the program clearly at a crossroads, what questions would you ask? If you’ve got a few, shoot me an e-mail at or comment on this blog


6 Responses to Lickliter to address rumors today; we’ll live blog it

  1. Dan says:

    How hard is it to move forward with no cohesion in your program and how do you plan to address it?

  2. Mouton says:

    Ask Barta straight up about the progress of the practice facility, and how he feels it effects Iowa’s ability to recruit high level talent.

    Also, do these transfers change Iowa’s plans to take an overseas tour this offseason?

  3. Jorge Vino says:

    Per Todd, tour is still on with 7 players. Iowa has taken six in the past.

  4. scottdo says:

    Here’s what Barta said about raising money for the new practice facility and Carver renovation following the players leaving:
    “If you ask me today does it feel like it’s more difficult yes,” Barta said. “But over the long haul, no. I say that because just (Thursday) we received two new gifts of pretty sizable nature. I think the vast majority of people are excited about this project and understand this is a 30-year decision, not a 30-hour decision. So there are people are concerned, like I am concerned, just like Coach Lickliter is concerned, but we need it.”

  5. James says:

    What only then seemed to be “another bad hire” for Iowa has suddenly reared it’s ugly head as a bad reality. Iowa Basketball hasn’t been fun since Doctor Tom Davis. I’m glad I was present at his last home game when he & the team danced the Hokey Pokey. Since then its been nothing but hokus pokus, Phooey!

  6. herman feckenfelder says:

    it was really tough when Barta left Barnum and Bailey, it was in a bidding war with Ringling Brothers
    and the bidding was hot and heavy until the Hawkeyes snuck in in the middle of the night and snagged him. Thanks to the Busboy, we got what he thought we deserved. Its gonna take more than Barnum and Bailey to sell the Barta con job. Over at Spence lab, the Psychology Professors are working furiously into the early morning hours to come up with a new category for an extreme sociopath (that means a hyper hype con man)
    Gotta thank Barta for his personality type adding and fueling new scientific frontiers over at Spence Lab, keeping the Profs super busy and creating new jobs and a whole new industry just trying to create any new way, even the remotest possibility of even coming close to describe him
    is it Barta humbug?

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