Kelly appears gone; Peterson, too? Davis leaves for D-II team

It appears sophomore Jake Kelly is set to leave Iowa, just two weeks after being named Big Ten Player of the Week.

Kelly’s father, Bob, said he didn’t want to comment about his son leaving the team — yet.

“Well, I really haven’t been informed about any official announcement so I’d hate to comment,” Bob Kelly said. “I’d be glad once anything comes out about him leaving or what he’s doing. I just wouldn’t feel right stepping in front of Jake on that.”

Sophomore guard Jeff Peterson “most likely” plans to transfer to Missouri State in his hometown of Springfield, Mo., a close friend of Peterson’s said Wednesday.

Junior Jermain Davis said today he is leaving the Iowa men’s basketball team for Minnesota State-Mankato after the spring semester. He said he thought about leaving during the final two months of the season.

“The last 10 games, I just wasn’t happy with myself just being there,” Davis said. “I was just not meant to be there. It’s not fair to him (Coach Todd Lickliter), not fair to me.

“I was frustrated with the way things going and I was so wound up, I couldn’t do anything.”

Davis started 11 of the 30 games he played. He averaged 4.6 points. He scored 16 points against Iowa State and double digits in two other games.

“I think it just wasn’t a fit really,” Davis said. “It was just I think after a while going throughout the season I was just kind of, I didn’t really know my role. I didn’t understand it. Ultimately, what kind of made me make the decision was that I wasn’t happy.”

Two weeks ago Jake Kelly refuted rumors that he planned to transfer to Indiana State following the spring semester. It appears likely that an official announcement of Kelly’s release could come as soon as Thursday.

 The sophomore remains on campus, enrolled in classes and attended a team meeting Monday.

Kelly said March 9 he thought about moving back to Indiana to be closer to his family.

“Of course I considered that when my mom died, yeah,” Kelly said. “That’s probably where they get that from but this is where … I’m here, where I’m going to be.”

In Iowa’s final seven regular-season games, Kelly averaged 20 points a game. He produced back-to-back double-doubles in Iowa’s final two regular-season games.

Kelly was named Big Ten Player of the Week after scoring 23 points, dishing nine assists and grabbing eight rebounds, all while playing 45 minutes in an overtime win against Michigan. He followed that with a pair of 20-point performances in losses at Michigan State and Northwestern.

But Kelly really established himself against Penn State. Despite playing with a 101-degree temperature and a sinus infection, Kelly played 47 of 50 minutes in a double-OT upset win against Penn State. He scored 22 points, dished 11 assists and grabbed four rebounds in them game.

Kelly was an honorable mention all-Big Ten selection this season.


8 Responses to Kelly appears gone; Peterson, too? Davis leaves for D-II team

  1. Bill Thomas says:

    A parent of a current Hawkeye is saying that three players are leaving at the end of the semester. Kelly is one of the players.

  2. djwoody says:

    The rumor mill is on fire.

  3. royal says:

    who the hell is bill thomas? and who is the parent? and does one of the kids belong to this parent?

  4. EP says:

    Jake’s the one who originally broached this subject when he was quoted.

    Here’s to hoping he stays but if he leaves what can any of us do?

    Nothing, so don’t worry about it.

  5. EP says:

    Wow, a bad day for Lick. I can understand someone in Jake’s position but Davis’ comments weren’t great to read.

    Whatever happens this isn’t good for a program in the shape Iowa is in currently.

    It also sounds as if Petersen may be leaving as well.

    Seriously, Barta better figure out what the heck is going on at CHA, now.

    Also, was that verbatim what Jermaine said? It was hard to understand and I had to read it 3x to comprehend what he was saying….

  6. Haze says:

    At what point do we start to wonder if Lickliter is really the right person for this job? I started wondering when he let Tony Freeman leave last season because he wasn’t a good fit. I wondered even more when he finally let Palmer play, and he scores big, only to be relegated back to the bench because he is in Lickliter’s dog house. Surely he could have helped.

    Now three are leaving. It is time for the powers that be figure out what in the heck is going on? Lickliter is in over his head.

  7. Jim says:

    Ouch….maybe Alford wasn’t that bad. But seriously, Palmer didn’t/couldn’t play because he can’t guard a mailbox much less a big ten player. Yes, he can score 18 pts but he would give up 30!

    As for Kelly. I guess I just don’t get how going back to Indiana is going to help in his grieving process.

  8. Ben says:

    If you’re transferring, why wouldn’t he be leaving right now? The sooner you transfer the sooner you can enroll at the new school and begin that year of sitting out.

    To me, if Peterson is leaving, that would mean Kelly is staying. Kelly worked much better at the point and would have control of a budding team next year if Peterson is gone. If Peterson is staying, I wouldn’t blame Kelly if he chose to leave.

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