Erin Andrews, Big Ten predictions and live blogging

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews at a recent basketball game

ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews at a recent basketball game

Yes, ESPN2 is airing today’s Iowa-Michigan game. And that means Erin Andrews on the sidelines. Sounds like an awfully big game for the most popular sideline reporter of all-time.

Well, a 7-10 matchup in the Big Ten Tournament isn’t exactly Princeton upsetting UCLA in the NCAA tourney. But with Andrews on the sidelines, not to mention Brent Musburger and Steve Lavin in the booth, the game does have star appeal.

Mike Hlas and I will live blog the game today so check us out if your boss won’t let you watch the game on TV. Here’s the link:

As for the Big Ten tourney, I don’t really like this matchup for Iowa. I know the Hawks beat Michigan in overtime a few weeks ago, but Michigan guard Manny Harris, an all-Big Ten first-team player, played his worst game and Iowa may have played its best. I won’t put money on it, but objectively I’m saying Michigan by 11.

As for the rest of the tournament today, I’m going with Northwestern over Minnesota and Penn State over Indiana.

Friday’s predictions: Michigan State over Northwestern; Michigan upsets Illinois; Penn State beats Purdue; Wisconsin over Ohio State

Saturday’s games: Michigan State over Wisconsin; Michigan over Penn State

Sunday’s championship: Michigan over Michigan State


3 Responses to Erin Andrews, Big Ten predictions and live blogging

  1. mike says:


    I agree with you on Manny Harris. I think he is going to have a HUGE game today for Michigan. The Hawks will play hard, but unless they shoot a great percentage from the 3-point line, I don’t see how they can stay with Michigan. Ironically, if Iowa loses, the final record will be 15-17, exactly the same as Iowa State’s after its season-ending loss last night to Oklahoma State.

  2. Brian says:

    Michigan may win a game or two, but they’re WAY too erratic to win four games in four days. Especially on the defensive end. They’d need four opponents to shoot poorly from the outside. Not very likely against that zone.

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