Prater suspended following arrest

From Iowa sports information:

University of Iowa freshman defensive back Shaun Prater has been charged with OWI in an incident Friday night in Iowa City.

“I was extremely disappointed to learn of the incident involving Shaun Prater,” Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz said in a statement. “He has been suspended indefinitely. He will be required to serve numerous internal obligations, set by me. He’ll also face a multiple game suspension in the fall.”

Prater, a 5-11, 172-pounder from Omaha, NE, played in all 13 games last season as a true freshman. He was credited with eight tacklesW


2 Responses to Prater suspended following arrest

  1. Mike says:

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  2. Jim A says:

    Not another alcohol related suspension! What is going on here? I find it difficult to believe that Iowa’s players are the only ones in this state, the conference, and the nation who are guilty of these kinds of offenses, as all the publicity would seem to have one believe. These things were going on when I was at Iowa in the late ’60’s and ’70’s. Why wasn’t such big deal made of them then? Could the police be laying for the players now, looking to bring them down whenever possible? Or is the media elevating these issues to front page status so now the program and the University continually get badmouthed instead of burying these items on inner pages or ignoring them altogether as must have been the case before? This has to be happening at other institutions. Why is every incident blown up to major proportions at Iowa and not elsewhere? Football players at all schools are the same. They are certainly not choirboys. I knew plenty of players when I was on campus and I don’t think things have really changed that much. I am getting sick of all this negativity. The U of Iowa is not the only program with these kinds of problems.

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