Tate, Peterson injury update

Iowa sophomore point guard Jeff Peterson and senior post Cyrus Tate remain out indefinitely with their injuries. Luckily for Iowa, the Hawkeyes don’t have a game until next Sunday at home against Michigan.

“If we had to play today, I’m not sure either one would be available,” Iowa Coach Todd Lickliter said Monday. “There’s progress being made, and we’re hopeful with the week off, maybe they both be available on Sunday. There’s no guarantee on that.”

Tate injured his right ankle on Jan. 8 and has been able to play in just one game since the injury. Iowa was 11-4 with Tate before the injury and has won just two of 11 in the games following. Iowa beat Northwestern in the only game Tate has competed in since his injury.

“It’s interesting with him; it’s up and down,” Lickliter said after Saturday’s 49-45 loss to Purdue. “I think it’s caused by getting on it. He doesn’t respond well to activity.”

Peterson strained his right hamstring against Wisconsin and did not play Saturday against Purdue. Peterson had played at least 33 minutes in every Big Ten game prior to his injury.

“I think it’s a strain, and they’ve done everything,” Lickliter said Monday. “I think they really are really nagging. The problem is it’s kind of like Cyrus’ — the activity is going to aggravate it — and so you’ve got be careful as far how much and how soon you get back. (Trainer) John Streif will be on top of it.”

Tate’s injury baffles many, including Lickliter. Tate often works out about two hours before the game and appears to move without limitation. But the ankle later doesn’t respond.

“Doctors are saying if he can tolerate it, he can go,” Lickliter said Saturday. “But (Tate) didn’t feel like he could tolerate it and be effective, and I respect that. He’s a tough guy, so I know it’s really sore. Those can linger.”


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