Tate starts, gives Iowa a lift

February 7, 2009

Iowa post Cyrus Tate didn’t think it was fair that he started over fellow co-captain Jarryd Cole on Saturday against Northwestern.

I’ve been sitting there those past seven games, and I’ve been itching to get out there. It feels good to at least come out and get a few minutes in. The trainers made me take it easy a little bit and not rush things too fast.”

It was a matter of fairness to Tate. Cole had played well in Iowa’s recent games so Tate felt he had no right to trump him into the lineup.

But once Iowa Coach Todd Lickliter explained to him the reason he was starting, Tate felt better.

“(Northwestern) had a big guy (Kyle Rowley) and they (Lickliter and Iowa’s assistants) figured it would be better for me to guard him because I can’t move around as well,” Tate said. “So Jarryd can guard the guys they’re going to sub in for him. Jarryd understood, and I understood the reason behind it, and it just felt good getting out there again.”

Tate’s statistics were meager: 13 minutes, two points, five rebounds, but he gave Iowa a lift early. Tate wore a thick brace over his right ankle and was held to seven minutes a half.

“The doctors had me wearing a brace, as much as I don’t want to wear it, they told me that I should wear it just in case I make matters worse by reinjuring it, and I’m right back at square one,” Tate said. “I’m just going to wear the brace, like I’m supposed to and probably a few more games. Hopefully I’ll get the brace off and I’ll be ready to do a little bit more movement.” 


Tate will play today

February 7, 2009

Iowa post Cy Tate warmed up and will play today against Northwestern. Tate has been out since Jan. 8 with a severely sprained left ankle.

Follow Mike Hlas and myself during today’s Iowa-Northwestern men’s basketball game. Tip-off is 5 p.m., and we’ll crank up the live blog around 4:40 p.m. We’ll update you on Cyrus Tate’s status and crowd size now that Iowa has decided to sell tickets for $10 a pop for the last five games.