Podolak to return this year?

The University of Iowa, in conjunction with Learfield Communications, has suspended its search for a radio football analyst.


Long-time analyst Ed Podolak, who decided to retire after unflattering photos of him in an intoxicated state surfaced on the internet, will seek treatment for alcoholism. It’s likely he may return to the booth this fall.


Here is a news release from the University of Iowa this morning:


   Former University of Iowa football player and radio analyst Ed Podolak issued a statement today directed at all Hawkeye fans.


            “After considerable deliberation with my family and close friends, I’ve decided to seek professional treatment. Over the last few months the people closest to me in life have convinced me that treatment is in my best interest.


            “The unbelievable outpouring of concern and love from Iowa fans everywhere has also had a big impact on my decision. I’ll always be a Hawkeye, but their prayers and well wishes have made this decision much easier.


            “I continue to ask for the prayers and thoughts of all Iowa fans as I undertake this journey. My hope is that treatment will make me a better husband and father and a better person to my friends.”


            University of Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta had the following statement:


“I wholeheartedly support Ed in his decision to enter treatment. He will be in my thoughts and prayers. We’ll all be cheering for him. The number one priority is his health.


“I talked with Ed over the weekend, and he sounded positive and focused about his decision. He did not officially indicate he will be coming out of retirement, but in light of this recent development, I’ve spoken with Learfield and we have put the search for his replacement on hold.


“From Iowa fans everywhere, good luck, Ed!”


One Response to Podolak to return this year?

  1. herman feckenfelder says:

    Ed is a good person, has lived the high life too well, as he now comes back to earth, perhaps this humbling process will show Ed what’s really important in Life, Ed has had a LOT of breaks along the way, many he didn’t deserve just due to his star jock status.
    As a person, Ed is a good person, let’s see this human side of Ed, let’s not idolize him, let’s see him simply as a human being who has specific skills and undying loyalties to the Hawkeye Family,
    Let’s welcome Ed back home to Iowa and to his natural place high up in the booth being cool celebrating everything BEAUTIFUL, Iowa and Hawkeye,
    Fly HIGH!!!!!! Ed
    Welcome Home.

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