Barta’s vote of confidence

Reporters and other media expected Iowa AD Gary Barta to talk about attendance and other issues affecting the Iowa men’s basketball program. While he addressed those issues roundly, he adamantly stood by second-year Coach Todd Lickliter, who is 11-6 this year.
“Overall I like the direction,” Barta said. “I like where we’re headed when I see the recruits that we’re bringing in. I like the way Todd goes about it. All the things that I said when we hired him, and I still feel exactly the same and I bring that up in conjunction with my concerns about attendance.”
Iowa has lost three of its last four, includinga 15-point mauling last Sunday at Michigan. But Barta remains optimistic the team is heading toward success.
“I look at the Ohio State game (a three-point road loss), I look at the BC game (a two-point loss at Boston, I look at the Minnesota game (a three-point loss), clearly in my opinion, we are a far more competitive team this year. We’re playing team basketball. The future looks bright.”


3 Responses to Barta’s vote of confidence

  1. Jim A says:

    Barta lost my vote of confidense by forcing Podolak out. I don’t care how he tries to phrase it, the ‘retirement’ was forced upon Podolak and Iowa football lost a 27 year booster who has done more for the program than this AD will ever do. Let some cell phone toting (person) follow you around, sir, and we’ll see how clean you come out in the wash with your PRIVATE LIFE. What a hypocrite.

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