Two points, $25,000 for Ferentz, big bump for assistants

Iowa football finished 20th in the final USA Today/Coaches poll, meaning Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz earned a $125,000 merit bonus. Iowa finished two points ahead of No. 21 Brigham Young in the final poll. Had the positions been reversed, Ferentz would have taken home a $100,000 bonus.

Ferentz isn’t the only Iowa coach celebrating the final poll, either. Iowa’s nine full-time assistants, director of football operations, two full-time strength and conditioning coaches and quality control assistant all get a 10 percent bump in pay next year. The coaches automatically get an 8 percent boost for playing in a bowl game, but this year’s total increased by 10 percent because of the top 20 ranking (and a graduation rate higher than 55 percent).

Ferentz received a $75,000 bonus and his assistants also get a bonus equal to one month’s salary for participating in a bowl exceeding $1 million.


2 Responses to Two points, $25,000 for Ferentz, big bump for assistants

  1. When there are state cut’s appearing across the board, I LOVE seeing that the state’s highest paid employee is doing so good. I hope the players within the ultimate game of life can learn a lesson here and create a new game based on EVERYONE being a player with coaches, owners and players ALL profiting in the game being played. Maybe time for all educators to look into the lessons to be learned here. If ONE person can be the state’s highest paid employee and his job is to lead ONE football team…I am thinking an Iowa Coach who creates a game where ALL citizens can participate in the play might really make some money to help the state economy….maybe time for THE IOWA COACH to appear to co-create and co-design the ultimate game.

  2. 3rdand20 says:

    Hmmm. Not one dime comes from the pockets of tax payers of the GSofI. The same can’t be said for the school on Hwy 30, or, the school on Hudson Road. And … BTW … we haven’t seen one ‘cut’ at the state level yet.

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