Iowa tries to move past Drake debacle

Iowa Coach Todd Lickliter brought in his players Christmas night, five days after the team was shredded by Drake 60-43.

It was an abomination for Iowa. They were out-rebounded, out-hustled and blown apart in every area. It was the kind of game that sent Lickliter back to square one in preparing his team for the Big Ten.

“We really got a wake-up call at Drake,” Lickliter said. “They control that game form start to finish. They exposed some real deficiencies.”

At the team’s final practice session before breaking for the holidays, Lickliter gave the team some thoughts to focus upon following the loss. He wanted the team to recover, relax, reflect and evaulate while enjoying the small break. But he won’t “relent” in his approach to practice and his system, either.

“I thought going in to the last game we covered the things we need to cover, but I didn’t think our approach was where it needed to be,” Lickliter said. “What we tried to do is refocus on the aspects of our system and our approach in what we think we can make us more successful.”

Iowa hosts Western Illinois in its final non-conference game Saturday night. The Hawkeyes then open Big Ten play Wednesday at Ohio State.


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