Outback Bowl win worth major cash to Ferentz

December 11, 2008

Iowa stands two spots outside the USA Today Coaches’ Poll Top 25. If the Hawkeyes beat South Carolina in the Outback Bowl and jump back into the Top 25, it’s worth major bucks for Coach Kirk Ferentz.

A clause in Ferentz’s contract states if the team finishes the season in that poll’s Top 25, Ferentz receives a $100,000 bonus. If Iowa happens to jump several spots and land in the Top 20, that bonus increases to $125,000.

The Outback Bowl already has added some major coin to Coach Kirk Ferentz’s pocketbook. Ferentz, who is the highest-paid state employee, has a contract clause that if Iowa participates in a bowl paying out more than $1 million, he gets a $75,000 bonus. The Outback Bowl guarantees at least $3 million for its participants.