Lickliter explains last play vs. Boston College

Iowa Coach Todd Lickliter believed his men’s basketball team could run the floor in 12.5 seconds, make a shot and tie Boston College. It didn’t happen in a 57-55 loss Tuesday night. But here’s the reasoning for his choice.
“What I like to do is inbound it and see, and we did,” he said. “I feel like when we crossed half-court, I probably should have called a timeout at that point, because I didn’t feel we had the court spread and they were scrambling.”
With only seven seconds and a timeout remaining against Kansas State on Saturday, Lickliter did the same thing. That time it worked in a last-second 65-63 win in Las Vegas.
“The other night we had possibilities and opportunities,” Lickliter said. “It ended up working. It makes me look like I know what I was doing. (Tuesday), reality hit. You guys all know now I don’t.”
Lickliter was questioned about his personnel following the game and if he would have taken out freshman forward Andrew Brommer had Lickliter called a timeout. Brommer, who has hit just 3 of 15 free-throw attempts, missed the front end of a 1-and-1 with .4 seconds left.
“He was doing such a good job, but we might have put a perimeter player in for one of the posts,” Lickliter said. “It just depends on what we’re going to run. With 12 seconds left, you don’t have a lot of time to run a set play. I think it’s much better to attack in transition.”
Lickliter thought someone would free themselves for a last-second shot before Brommer was fouled.
“I have the two bigs in there in case he missed,” Lickliter said of Brommer and senior Cyrus Tate. “It’s hard to rebound it and keep them of the glass. Now we grab it and go, now I’m thinking, hey let’s see what happens. Sure enough … we just got beat.”
As for Brommer, Lickliter dismissed the free throw as only a minor factor in the game’s outcome. He said it was the other missed shots that cost Iowa the game.
“You know what, if we took everybody in the gym and we said make a layup or make a free throw, most guys could make the layup,” Lickliter said. “That missed free throw was a lot harder than the layups we missed.”


One Response to Lickliter explains last play vs. Boston College

  1. EP says:

    Live and learn. He’s a good coach and we’re moving in the right direction.

    Do you think Jake frustrates him? That kid has oodles of talent but dribbles a lot. The attempted dunk on his first shot was amazingly athletic and we need more of that from him.

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