Bowl projections, 4th edition

Here’s a look at the next round of bowl projections, starting with the BCS:


BCS Championship: Florida vs. Texas. Both teams win league championship games and meet for the BCS title.

Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC. I’m predicting the South (Oregon) beats the North (Oregon State) in the Civil War this weekend, giving the Pac 10 title to USC.

Fiesta Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Utah. Although Oklahoma smacked Texas Tech by 44 points, the schools switch positions to give everyone a change of scenery.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Ohio State. Ohio State gets a shot at earning its ‘R’ back after two consecutive bowl blowouts. Alabama gets here by losing to Florida.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Cincinnati. And people wonder why bowl games get lower ratings than Saturday Night Football on ABC.


Capital One Bowl: Michigan State vs. Georgia. This bowl wants Iowa, but it sees Michigan State with a better record and a win against Iowa and decides not to pull the trigger.

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. South Carolina. This bowl has no problem picking Iowa.

Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma vs. Mississippi. Houston Nutt coaches a team to the Cotton Bowl for the second straight season, only to get a major Big 12 butt-whipping. 

Gator Bowl: Florida State vs. Nebraska. Nice match-up, about 10 years ago. Now, it’s a good match-up that should capture fans and a few eyeballs.

Liberty Bowl:Tulsa vs. LSU. Conference USA just doesn’t carry as much as weight as it did when Louisville was in it. 


Alamo Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Oklahoma State. Fans will flock to see the Alamo, where Jim Bowie and Bret Bielema went down in flames.

Champs Bowl: Northwestern vs. Wake Forest. Nobody really wants Northwestern’s crowd; the Champs Bowl just has to take them.

Insight Bowl: Minnesota vs. Kansas. Two years ago, Glen Mason’s team suffered a monumental collapse in the desert. Yep, things don’t change much in Gopherland.

Motor City Bowl: Pittsburgh (replacing Big Ten) vs. Ball State. This actually would be a pretty good match-up, if Pittsburgh swallowed its pride and did it.

Chick-fil-A (I still call it the Peach) Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Kentucky. Bowl picks Kentucky over LSU because 7-5 isn’t a bad season in Lexington. An 8-4 season in Baton Rouge is atrocious.

Sun Bowl: Oregon State vs. Notre Dame. Most Big East schools flip-flop “Notre Dame” and drop the “e” for stealing this bowl.

Holiday Bowl: Missouri vs. Oregon. I wouldn’t be surprised if Missouri upset Texas/Oklahoma and won the Big 12 title game, either. 

Las Vegas Bowl: TCU vs. Arizona. Good regional bowl and match-up. Wouldn’t the Big 12 be better served with TCU over Baylor?

Independence Bowl: Louisiana-Lafayette (replacing SEC) vs. Louisiana Tech (replacing Big 12). There are worse options for this bowl, I suppose.

Texas Bowl: Central Michigan (for Big 12) vs. Rice. Bowl officials should really just rename this bowl after its predecessor, the Bluebonnet Bowl.

Music City Bowl: Maryland vs. Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt’s athletic/academic director will admire the lack of travel expenses.

Poinsettia: BYU vs. Boise State (for Pac 10): Great match-up, perhaps the most watchable of the lower bowls.


Armed Forces Bowl: Colorado State vs. Houston 

Humanitarian Bowl: Nevada vs. North Carolina

Meineke Bowl: Miami vs. West Virginia

Emerald Bowl: Boston College vs. California

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Rutgers (for Pac 10)

Papa John’s: Louisville vs. Northern Illinois (for SEC)

International Bowl: Connecticut vs. Buffalo

GMAC Bowl: Western Michigan vs. East Carolina 

New Orleans Bowl: Troy vs. Memphis

New Mexico Bowl: Fresno State vs. Air Force 

Congressional Bowl: Clemson vs. Navy

St. Petersburg Bowl: Southern Mississippi vs. South Florida


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