TV access irritates Iowa hoops fans

Iowa football fans with cable access have been able to watch every game this year. But basketball fans with satellite receivers feel they’re coming up short on the Hawks this year.

A cable television network, such as the Big Ten Network or ESPN’s family of channels, will televise 25 of Iowa’s 31 men’s basketball games. But that doesn’t include several early non-conference games.

The Big Ten Network will stream the other six games live on its Web site — Mediacom will air that feed live on its Connections Channel. But satellite and cooperative companies don’t get the feed, which leaves their fans out in the cold.

Here’s a sampling off some fans (edited version) in the Corridor area about not watching Iowa basketball:

“Have you heard this … the Big Ten Network is only televising 3 of iowa’s nonconference basketball games.  They are allowing Mediacom to air the remaining nonconference games.  What a crock …  For the last 3 years they were whipping up the fan base with BTN rallying cries.  Now they’re giving games away.” 

“Last year when the BTN and Mediacom could not come to terms, fans were told to get a satellite dish. Dish and DirecTV got a huge number of new subscribers. Now the BTN has allowed Mediacom and only Mediacom to carry these games. What a slap in the face to fans who supported the BTN last year. I could live with them not showing the games, but putting them of Mediacom is just wrong.”

Here’s the real explanation. The Big Ten Network doesn’t get overflow channels on either digital or satellite television like during football season so it broadcasts only one game at a time for all 11 Big Ten schools. Iowa’s games on Friday, 17 and 25 for sure will be on its Web site and Mediacom Connections channel. The BTN is airing the Nov. 23 game against Oakland. From Dec. 2 on, either the BTN or the ESPN family of networks will carry every Iowa game.

It does seem a bit unfair that those people who were among the first to jump from Mediacom to the satellite companies, and perhaps the most loyal of the recyliner Hawkeyes fans, do get hosed on this one. But the games are available free of charge online so people can watch them there. Or, there are PLENTY of tickets available. Perhaps the next-best decision for next year is for Iowa or the Big Ten Network to organize a side deal with local Iowa affiliates — kind of like the old ESPN-Plus arrangement — so every fan in the state can watch games not televised by the BTN or ESPN(2/U/Classic/Deportes).

It would be good for as many eyeballs in the state to see this team after last year’s lagging court performance and attendance numbers.


5 Responses to TV access irritates Iowa hoops fans

  1. marcmwm says:

    Cruising the messageboards, there are a lot of pissed off fans.

    First, a lot of people dumped Mediacom for a dish, believing the dish was the ticket to the BTN. Now, Iowa non-conference games are on Mediacom and not on the dish/BTN.

    The BTN offers up streaming on the ‘net for free. You get what you pay for. This wasn’t streaming. This was constipation.

    Still no listing for tomorrow’s football games.

    It’s like the BTN was born yesterday.

  2. EP says:

    The BTN is run like the big 3 must have been back in the 50’s.

    What a joke of a network. Living in indy we switched to DTV for the BTN and now this (stuff). Pathetic.

    And how does Mike Hall have a job?

  3. EP says:

    PS- The highlights of last nights game on BTN were the streaming video. Seriously, who is running that network, democrats? (:

  4. scottdo says:

    If the Democrats ran the BTN, they would have formed a committee to determine whether everyone should watch the game free of charge, regardless of they person’s ability to own a computer or a TV. It would have cost millions of dollars with no outcome.

    If the GOP ran the BTN, they’d tell everybody too bad. Own a computer or watch it on Mediacom or buy a ticket.

    Maybe the BTN needs Lou Dobbs to figure out this mess and how illegal immigration cost hundreds of Iowa basketball fans the opportunity to watch the game.

  5. EP says:

    What was worse, MUCH worse, was the crap that happened with the game today.

    The broadcast didn’t come on anywhere outside of Iowa, Minny or the Dakotas until midway through the second quarter.

    How can the BTN not broadcast this game in Indiana, home of the Boilermakers?

    Reading the BTN schedule it said those were the only four states seeing the game when I punched in our zip code.

    Also, I was just having a little fun with the democrat crack, nothing personal just bidness.

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