Bowl projections, rund drei

Here’s a look at the next round of bowl projections, starting with the BCS:


BCS Championship: Florida vs. Texas. Texas Tech and Alabama control their own destiny. But Texas and Florida are better and will jump past the current unbeatens.

Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. USC. Might be the best matchup of the bowl season.

Fiesta Bowl: Texas Tech vs. Utah. Even though Oklahoma likely lands here with a win over Texas Tech, sometimes a change of scenery does everyone some good.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Ohio State. Nice matchup between two great programs. Ohio State could go a long way of repairing its image with a good performance against the SEC.

Orange Bowl: Florida State vs. Cincinnati. There would have been better possibilities under the old system but the BCS mandates the ACC and Big East champions go to a top bowl. So there you go.


Capital One Bowl: Michigan State vs. Georgia. You can just about write this matchup in stone.

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. South Carolina. A pair of wins for Iowa, and this one is right on the money.

Cotton Bowl: Oklahoma vs. LSU. With this matchup, would you rather be the Orange Bowl or the Cotton Bowl? 

Gator Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. Missouri. Missouri would bring the offense. This is the guess of the week from the ACC.

Liberty Bowl: Tulsa vs. Ole Miss. Ole Miss will bring quite the crowd just up the road in Memphis.


Alamo Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Nebraska. The schools could save expenses by moving the game to Iowa City.

Champs Bowl: Illinois vs. Miami. Just by judging Illinois’ roller-coaster season, the Illini might play up to expectations in this one.

Insight Bowl: Northwestern vs. Kansas. A few weeks ago, this looked like a possible Alamo Bowl matchup.

Motor City Bowl: Minnesota vs. Ball State. The Gophers are two games from New Year’s in Florida or Christmas in Detroit.

Chick-fil-A (I still call it the Peach) Bowl: Kentucky vs. North Carolina. It sounds more like a great basketball matchup.

Sun Bowl: West Virginia vs. California. West Virginia could win out and play on New Year’s Day.

Holiday Bowl: Oklahoma State vs. Oregon State. Traditionally, this game features the best finishes among bowl games. 

Las Vegas Bowl: TCU vs. Arizona. This would be a great bowl for the Big Ten to link up with during the next round of contracts.

Independence Bowl: Auburn vs. Troy (replacing Big 12). Auburn needs an upset just to get here.

Texas Bowl: Louisiana Tech (for Big 12) vs. Rice. Colorado could get here if it upsets Oklahoma State or Nebraska.

Music City Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt gets a cross-town home game; Georgia Tech gets a recruiting tool.

Poinsettia: BYU vs. Notre Dame (for Pac 10): It’s a sad day when Notre Dame becomes a bowl replacement. I wonder if Mitt Romney and Joe Biden will have friendly wager on this one?


Armed Forces Bowl: Air Force vs. Houston. 

Humanitarian Bowl: Boise State vs. Virginia.

Meineke Bowl: Wake Forest vs. Pittsburgh.

Emerald Bowl: Boston College vs. Stanford.

Hawaii Bowl: Hawaii vs. Oregon.

Papa John’s: Louisville vs. Florida International (for SEC). Yes, that Florida International.

International Bowl: Connecticut vs. Western Michigan.

GMAC Bowl: Central Michigan vs. East Carolina. 

New Orleans Bowl: Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Memphis.

New Mexico Bowl: UNLV vs. San Jose State. 

Congressional Bowl: Maryland vs. Navy.

St. Petersburg Bowl: Marshall vs. South Florida.


3 Responses to Bowl projections, rund drei


    Even ESPN’s GameDay crew, which is blantantly in the tank for the Big Ten, will admit that Texas Tech, Okla., Texas, and arguably Mizzou and Okla St are better than OSU or Penn ST, and most certainly Mich St & Minnesota.

    Good lord, is the Big 10 MEDIOCRE.

    They’ll scum out though, because the BCS is about $$$. See: Illinois in the Rose Bowl last year, and Mizzou in the Cotton Bowl.. They need to throw out that 2-team cap rule from each conference. The crappy Big 10 will always benefit

  2. scottdo says:

    National disaster might be pushing it with $1 trillion in bailout money, but I get your point.

    ESPN is pretty hard on the Big Ten, and I think your point is on about the Big 12. We’ll see how good that league is in bowl action. It’s become an NBA form of football — all offense, no defense.

    Penn State is a very good team. People were complaining about OSU possibly playing USC in the Rose Bowl for the second time, but what do you think about Penn State playing Oregon State again? It was 45-14 in September. Penn State will hang with USC in the Rose Bowl or anyone else nationally. Ohio State is talented, and Iowa could play with most teams. Michigan State is up and down. The rest … it depends on the day.

    I’d say the Big Ten was a BCS victim three years ago when Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin finished a combined 34-2, but only two went the BCS. The Big Ten is a favorite national punching bag, but I don’t think the league is quite as bad as people think.

  3. Adam says:

    They might as well move the Alamo Bowl to IC permanently given that Iowa seems to be in it every other year.

    Also, I think Notre Dame will probably get the Gator bid if they become bowl eligible. It’s not fair, but they bring lots of fans and national attention.

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