More Kinnick observations

Here are a few observations at Kinnick Stadium today:

Linebacker Pat Angerer and safety Tyler Sash are working with the first-team defense. Sash was listed as a co-starter with Harold Dalton entering the game. Angerer and Jacody Coleman were listed as first-team MLBs before the first game but then Coleman emerged as the starter for the first game.

Driving to the stadium was much more difficult today than during Iowa’s first two games. For two reasons, that’s shouldn’t have been the case. One, the other games were sellouts, so why were there more cars on the road this morning? Two, it’s raining so tailgating should have been less appealing. Either way, it took me twice as long to get to Kinnick from North Liberty as the last two weeks.

As The Gazette’s Iowa State reporter Eric Peterson and I cruised into our parking lot, I was struck by a pair of buses parked one behind the other. The first was a yellow school-bus type with the words “Alcohawk” on the side. I can’t imagine those riders were much older than 23. The second bus was from Aviva, which promotes a holistic and healthy approach to natural living. One wonders if the groups were sharing a Hamm’s or two, live from the land of sky-blue waters.

Iowa State is actually wearing cardinal red pants. That’s the only difference I can tell between the Cyclones and USC. Of course, the game hasn’t started yet so the comparisons could end right there.

QB Marvin McNutt is working with the wide receivers and not throwing warm-up passes. Earlier in the week Iowa Coach Kirk Ferentz said he needed to get McNutt on the field. He was evasive when asked if that would be at wide receiver, but his position switch would not happen “this week.”

Lastly, and I think I speak for everyone from the Midwest to Texas. Will it ever quit raining?


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