Ferentz said WHAT about Iowa State?

Friday morning. Sheraton Hotel. Kirk Ferentz and 400 Hawkeyes drinking 90-proof Hawkeye kool-aid with no chaser.

And Kirk Ferentz said the 13-point spread favoring Iowa is ridiculous. “They’re delusional and don’t understand the series.”

Ferentz gave credit to Iowa State Coach Gene Chizik and the Cyclones and didn’t say anything inflamatory.

“Iowa State is a much-improved team from a year ago. They look better physically and are certainly more comfortable in the second year under Coach Chizik. Offensively they’re playing with 2 quarterbacks, and they rotate them in. They’re both good throwers, accurate throwers, but they bring that extra dimension of being excellent runners.

“Defensively, they’re very aggressive. I think probably one of the biggest things is that they’ve improved in special teams. A big part of their team is very opportunistic.

“We have to raise our level of play. We know that.

As for news, linebacker Jeff Tarpinian (hamstring) and tight end Mike Sabers (bad ankle sprain) won’t play, Ferentz said. Tight end Tony Moeaki (broken left foot) will play in a limited role. Moeaki hasn’t played since Iowa’s fourth game last year.

Other Ferentz quips:

“I don’t know what caused the separation of the series back in 1934 but I think absolutely tremendous that it started back up,” Ferentz said. “I know one thing for sure is that it’s been competitive the last nine or 10 years.”

“I’m not close to a lot of people in the media, and that might not be a surprise to you,” Ferentz said. “Just about everybody in the media has been fantastic save for one or two.”

“We’re very pleased with the start of the season,” Ferentz said. “There are lot of positives and the most obvious is that the players are showing up at the stadium ready to go.”

“I’m happy to report that his record is better than mine,” Ferentz said about Rabbi Portman giving an invocation during big games.

Bob Brooks was the emcee and received a standing ovation. “Save that for the head coach,” Brooksie said.

“I have a long lineage of trying to figure out that the Cedar Rapids Gazette is not an afternoon paper,” Brooksie said when explaining he wasn’t a morning person.

When I-Club President Gary Upchurch said he paid $48 for a student season-ticket, Brooksie retorted, “Do you know what I paid in 1939? I paid a quarter … That was for the season.”

Brooksie talked about Ferentz’s weekly press conference and Ferentz’s way of saying little.

“He’s making progress,” Brooksie recalled when Ferentz is asked about a player.  “I don’t know whether that’s academic progress or progress.

“You ask about a game situation, and you get a sometimes yes, sometimes no.”

Brooksie said the real information comes from the post-press conference press conference. “When he pressured up against the wall and press from all corners of the state figures he he’s going to have a special moment, Kirk I admire you for that. I’ll guarantee it Bo Schembechler and Woody Hayes would never never done it.”

Brooksie talked about the Iowa-Iowa State series restarting in 1977. By restarting the series after 44 years, “Iowa became more of a Hawkeye state,” he said.


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