Fans lament Olive Court

The 100,000 beer-can mosh pit also known as Olive Court didn’t host a Hawkeye tailgate Saturday morning for the first time since World War II. For some fans, it was the end of an era.

Four Iowa fans in their mid-20s drank a few Miller Lites (and the second-tier choice of Bud Light) outside Kinnick Stadium. Brad Swift, 25, reminisced about his teen years with his family on Olive Court.

“Olive Court, that’s like where I grew up,” said Swift, the son of a former UI player and cheerleader. “I always remember rolling in Olive Court, playing catch with my dad and brothers.”

Swift’s friends: Aaron Fangman, 24; Brian Scott, 24, Dane Kriks, 24 — like Swift, all live in Chicago — didn’t have a problem passing their time outside the stadium. But the times are a changing.

One other thought. The whole smoke-free thing on UI’s campus is a joke. Eleven spots outside the stadium’s west side stood two men smoking a pair of cigars you could smell 50 feet away. It didn’t bother me anyway, but I’m wondering where were the smoking Gestapo.


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