Ferentz talks Friday morning

IOWA CITY – If this morning’s Johnson County I-Club breakfast is any indication, there’s no shine off Kirk Ferentz’s star, at least to these Iowa fans.

About 400 people showed up before 6:30 a.m. at Iowa City’s Sheraton Hotel for the weekly breakfast. Anyway, here’s “real news” (sort of) from da coach, who entered the stage to the “Superman” theme. I didn’t see the “S” anywhere and I’m sure Ferentz internally shared some self-deprecating humor with himself as he sat down.

He said a few of the positions remain undecided. That’s not news. Those positions likely will be undecided for another week or two. But, Ferentz said, “all of us feel like we’re a better football team at basically every position.”

Ferentz talked about former Andre Tippett’s induction speech into the Hall of Fame, of which all of the players watched during training camp. He also spoke fondly of his days in Maine as head coach in the early 1990s.

Before his remarks, Ferentz introduced his freshmen players to the fans. Several mothers were in attendance, including James Ferentz’s. That introduction drew laughter when Ferentz said, “I think his mother is here somewhere in the back.” The fans gave them all a standing ovation after the introduction.

Athletics Director Gary Barta introduced Ferentz and talked about the summer challenges the program faced over the summer. Those included natural disasters and off-the-field problems.

“We don’t want to overstate what it’s going to be like to walk into Kinnick and forget about everything else … but I can’t wait until tomorrow,” Barta said.

“I feel good about the group we have here and the commitment that we’ve made.”

Former Iowa “Ironman” Red Frye was on hand. Iowa’s band, cheerleaders, the Golden Girl and Herky also were in attendance. The Iowa Fight Song, of course, was a big hit for the Hawkeye Kool-Aid (well, coffee) drinkers who arrived in Eastern Iowa before the sun. We’ll see if they’re drinking the same punch Saturday morning somewhere other than Olive Court.


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