BTN is still coming to your city

All right, I know Mediacom subscribers/Iowa fans have started freaking out that a deal is falling through between the Big Ten Network and Mediacom. The companies have two minor hang-ups they’re trying to resolve dealing with digital on-demand technology and location. All of Mediacom’s Iowa franchises will have the BTN on its family tier, while the companies are discussing Mediacom’s out-of-Iowa franchises.

Lawyers for both companies still are vetting the details. It could be Thursday when the deal gets finalized, and Mediacom will show Iowa’s game this Saturday against Maine. With the BTN finalizing deals with Time-Warner and Charter (plus rumors that Cox isn’t too far behind) already this week, this one won’t linger much longer.


4 Responses to BTN is still coming to your city

  1. scott brown says:

    are they planing on showing the game on mediacomm connections channel if the deal isnt finalized in time? What chanel will the BTN be on? You heard anything on those two Q’s?

  2. scottdo says:

    Mediacom Connections won’t be necessary unless the deal completely falls through. Mediacom has done the prep work to add the channel once the final ‘T’ is crossed on the contract so it’s like pulling a switch. As far as channels go, that depends on market. The clicker eventually finds every channel. We’ll publish a list once the deal is finalized.

  3. aaronmhawk says:

    Are they for sure annoucing the deal tomarrow, and if so when they do will the channel be ava immediatley?

  4. Schmitty says:

    Any word on HD or overflow channel possibilities?

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