NBC disses UI in Shawn Johnson reporting

Most Iowans, including this one, have stayed up a little too
late to watch homegrown hero Shawn Johnson compete
at the Beijing Olympics. I call it a warm-up for October postseason baseball with Fox airing 4-hour baseball games, but I digress.

Multiple times NBC has shown Johnson coming out of a performance and hugging coach Liang Chow, who spent seven years assisting Tom Dunn with Iowa’s men’s gymnastics team. Instead, NBC repeatedly has referred to him as a former “Iowa State” coach. Granted, at national and international levels the difference is hardly noticeable. More than 99 percent of the people in Iowa don’t know — or care — about the differences between Alabama and Auburn gymnastics. But for Iowans, the difference between Iowa and Iowa State is significant. And with the focus of the entire state on the precocious, 16-year-old Johnson, that mistake is magnified.


2 Responses to NBC disses UI in Shawn Johnson reporting

  1. RM says:

    NBC should get their facts right, even if it is small to most people watching.

  2. Hawkifan says:

    This is what happens when John Tesh does commentary for sporting events.

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