Favre story supercedes “Hail Mary” for NFL Network

NFL Network will re-air the 1975 “Hail Mary Game” at an undetermined time after bumping it four times to accommodate breaking news about former Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre.

The network had scheduled the “Hail Mary Game” to air Aug. 4, but bumped it to broadcast Green Bay’s “Family Fun Night” at Lambeau Field. The network then rescheduled the “Hail Mary Game” for Aug. 6, but chose to air two hours of speculation on Brett Favre. The network then planned to air the game twice on Aug. 7, but it was dumped in favor of live press conferences after Favre was traded from Green Bay to the New York Jets.

The “Hail Mary Game” featured the Dallas Cowboys upsetting the Minnesota Vikings in an NFC divisional playoff game. Dallas quarterback Roger Staubach hit wide receiver Drew Pearson on a 50-yard pass with only seconds remaining to earn a 17-14 victory. Vikings fans have maintained Pearson shoved Vikings cornerback Nate Wright before catching the ball and a pass interference penalty wasn’t called. 

“NFL Network provides fans with breaking news whenever it happens,” NFL Network spokesman Dennis Johnson said. “And the major story during this offseason was Brett Favre deciding to come back to play and which team he would end up playing for.”

The NFL Network has chosen to air 54 preseason games this year. It will air Favre’s Jets’ debut live at 6 p.m. Saturday against the Washington Redskins. It will air the Vikings’ preseason game at Baltimore at 9:30 p.m. Saturday.


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  1. […] enough and it is much too repetitive. When Brett Favre returns again expect nothing the network to destroy all of its programming to show his first Packers’ game, the Monday night game following his dad’s death, the […]

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